Varidesk FAQ


The best way to answer is to tell you why our customers say they chose VARIDESK. First of all, let’s be honest, they like the price – most height-adjustable desks of this quality are a lot more expensive. Plus, it works with the desk you already have, so you don’t have to buy a big, expensive piece of furniture. Then there’s the convenience factor - it’s easy to order, ships quickly, and arrives fully assembled and ready-to-use without the need for a single tool. Most importantly, VARIDESK users are always amazed that such a sturdy, spacious desk can also be so easy to use. You can move it up or down almost effortlessly in just a few seconds. Still need convincing? Check out our reviews!

Most Popular: Pro Plus 48

 The VARIDESK Pro Plus 48 standing desk offers the same classic VARIDESK features in a larger size. The Pro Plus 48 stand up desk is sized for multiple-monitor setups and anyone who likes to maximize their workspace. The 48-inch (122 cm) wide upper display surface can handle plenty of hardware and the keyboard/mouse deck has room for a full-size keyboard, mouse pad and mouse, or even a graphics tablet. It holds 10 lbs (4.5 kg) more than the other Pro Plus sizes, and stays nice and stable at any height.

Like all our models, VARIDESK Pro Plus 48 works with your existing desk and lets you switch between sitting and standing in just a few seconds, making it a true sit stand desk. It ships fully assembled, and holds up to 45 lbs. (20.4 kg) with ease.


  • Adjusts to 11 different heights
  • Fixed keyboard deck lifts with display surface
  • Switches from sitting to standing position in just 3 seconds
  • Spring-assisted lifting mechanism
  • Fully assembled; no installation required
  • 4 feet (120 cm) of work surface 
  • Holds up to 45 lbs (20.4 kg)

Price $ 550.00 including shipping, delivery, and setup. Other models from $410.00.