Safeware Product Protection Plans

Supplementary Coverage for Electronics and Computers

Since 1982 Safeware has provided protection services for electronics and computers. Safeware plans provide protection for routine failures and for accidental damage, such as drops, and spills.

This program is a unique offering for campus computer stores and should not be confused with other Safeware offerings.

Plans may be purchased for equipment you already own within 364 days of purchase. Proof of purchase and inspection of equipment required.



  • Accidental Damage
  • Liquid spills
  • Power Surge
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Electrical Breakdown
  • Manufacturer's Defects (after manufacturer's warranty)

The maximum amount you may collect over the life of your Safeware plan is the original retail price of the covered equipment.

Safeware: Own with confidence

Theft Protection

Safeware now offers 6 months of complementary theft protection on most plans. This is a great value, as 1 in 3 theft claims happen within the first 6 months of product ownership. The details are:

  • Includes theft, robbery, and burglary (no coverage for mysterious disappearance or lost)
  • Theft coverage is independent of the product protection plan
  • There is no limit of liability (see above) for theft coverage

In the event of a theft, follow these steps:

  • File a police report that includes the serial number of the stolen device
  • Contact Safeware directly at 1-800-800-1492 within 60 days

Note that the complementary theft protection carries a $100 deductible, unlike accidental damage coverage


Example 1

Suzy Student purchases a MacBook Pro for $1149, a graphics card upgrade for $90, an Apple mouse for $69, and has UNH set up her computer for $55.70. She also purchases a 4 year Safeware Product Protection Plan, and registers the MacBook Pro as the covered product. The Limit of Liability under her plan would be $1,239, the cost of the computer and the internal upgrade.

Eighteen months later, after her Apple Warranty has expired, her screen goes blank. Her Safeware plan covers the $500 repair, leaving a balance of $ 739 as the plan's remaining Limit of Liability.

Three years after the inital purchase a liquid spill renders her computer inoperable. Her Safeware plan provides $739 toward the cost of a new replacement system.


Example 2

Johnny Undergrad purchases the same package, along with AppleCare, a two year extension of the manufacturer's warranty. He has the same two incidents with his computer. In his case AppleCare would cover the screen repair. When he had the liquid spill the full Limit of Liability would be available under his Safeware Plan, as long as he had not had any other claims.

These examples are simplifications demonstrating the Limit of Liability. Actual coverages, payments, and costs will vary.


Mobile Devices
two years up to $1000
part number 610003

two years up to $1,000 with 6-months of theft protection
part number 610008


four years up to $1,000 with 6-months of theft protection
part number 610010


four years up to $2,000 with 6-months of theft protection
part number 610011

four years up to $4,000 with 6-months of theft protection
part number 610012


Limit of Liability represents the total amount allocated to the policy for repairs or replacement. If a replacement occurs, the current market value of the item will be used to determine the total settlement.